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Unlocking the diversity of biological life to accelerate sustainable development.

Population increase and climate change are among the biggest challenges of our time. Global agriculture production will need to increase by 60 percent in the next 30 years. At the same time, plant breeders are confronted with a changing environment - floods, draughts, pesticide resistance, pathogens. How can breeding programs accelerate and deliver crops for changing climate conditions?

Let our machine learning technology SeedScore® provide the answers you require. As a team, let us accelerate your breeding style. Let us advance your pipeline in the most efficient manner. Reach commercial production goals you never imagined possible.

Computomics provides deep insights and accurate performance predictions based on our groundbreaking machine learning technology and the unique expertise of our data scientists. With comprehensive knowledge and experience in plant breeding, metagenomics, cutting-edge bioinformatics and visualization tools, we offer a full service partnership to help you navigate your most complex problems - faster and more efficiently.

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Allen Van Deynze, Director of Research, Seed Biotechnology Center and Associate Director, Plant Breeding Center University of California, Davis

Computomics annotated a complex coffee genome for us in about 6 weeks allowing for a timely release. Their staff was highly interactive resulting in a high quality annotation.

Jim Schwartz, Director of Research, Agronomy, and PFR at Beck's
We are pairing science with art. It positions our program to take the next steps in advancing our breeding efforts.