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    Computomics’ data analysis experts offer custom services for next-gen sequencing projects - from crop science to metagenomics.

    animal and plant genetics

    Advanced Data Analysis
    for Ag Biotech

    Computomics was founded to bring the latest bioinformatics discoveries to industry application, facilitating global agricultural development.

    Crops: We parse large genomic data sets for plant breeders, deliver breeding recommendations, and provide molecular biology insight to reduce crop area requirements.

    Animal Health: We assemble and annotate genomic data from your species of interest, compare time-series data and visualize genomic variation in insightful ways.

    Metagenomics and Microbial Genomics: We analyze complex microbial communities and discover new organisms and metabolic pathways in a variety of samples.

  • About us

    Computomics utilizes cutting edge bioinformatics tools to offer highly accurate, customized service projects to companies across the globe.

    We help navigate the complexities of all genomes. Our advanced machine-learning methods enable rapid understanding of genomic data for agricultural, biotech, microbiome, and metabolomics researchers.

    We provide our clients with thorough consultation on their sequencing projects, with in-depth analysis of their genomic data, and with comprehensive reports.

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    Hear from our Clients

    "I am absolutely pleased with the service, communication, speed, and the quality of the results.  I look forward to working together in the future."

    — G. Keith Rufener II,  Becks Superior Hybrids


    "Computomics annotated a complex coffee genome for us in about 6 weeks allowing for a timely release. Their staff was highly interactive resulting in a high quality annotation."

    — Allen Van Deynze, Director of Research, Seed Biotechnology Center and Associate Director, Plant Breeding Center University of California, Davis

    Why work with computomics?

    • High quality results — Each project is well documented to ensure reproducibility and accuracy.
    • Multi-platform support —We work with our clients to develop the best sequencing strategy across multiple platforms, including Illumina, ONP, and PacBio.
    • Industry-leading expertise — Between our in-house bioinformatics experts and extensive collaboration network of consultants, we can tackle tough questions across all data analysis challenges.
    • Transparent processes — No mysteries to our data analysis, we present our strategy before we start and report all methods and parameters used.
    • Data security guaranteed — Our high performance compute servers located in a secure data center combined with encryption and two-factor authentication provide highly secure and private handling of your data.
    • Fast turnaround - Tired of the wait list at your sequencing facility? We deliver great results quickly.
  • For Novice to Expert Users


    If you’re entering the next-generation sequencing space for the first time, Computomics can assist you in developing a sequencing strategy, and offer consultation from library prep through your detailed data analysis.



    If you’re an experienced bioinformatician with too many projects on your plate, Computomics can help develop data analysis pipelines or process large quantities of data to help ease your workload.

  • Management

    Sebastian Schultheiss Managing Director

    Dr. Sebastian J. Schultheiss

    Managing Director

    Advanced degree in bioinformatics from University of Tübingen. PhD for NGS data and web service analysis at the Max Planck Institute for Developmental Biology and at the Friedrich Miescher Laboratory of the Max Planck Society, Tübingen. Expert for NGS data analysis, cloud computing and our analysis pipeline.

    Scientific Advisory Board Members

    Detlef Weigel Scientific Director Plant Genomics

    Prof. Dr. Detlef Weigel

    Scientific Director Plant Genomics

    Director of the Molecular Biology Department at the Max Planck Institute for Developmental Biology, Tübingen.

    Expert in molecular biology of plants.

    Daniel Huson Scientific Director Metagenomics

    Prof. Dr. Daniel Huson

    Scientific Director Metagenomics

    Professor of Algorithms in Bioinformatics, University of Tübingen.

    Expert in metagenomics.

    Gunnar Raetsch Scientific Director Transcriptomics

    Prof. Dr. Gunnar Rätsch

    Scientific Director Transcriptomics

    Associate Professor at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, New York.

    Expert in transcriptomics and machine learning.

    Karsten Borgwardt Scientific Director Machine Learning

    Prof. Dr. Karsten Borgwardt

    Scientific Director Machine Learning

    Professor of Data Mining in the Life Sciences at University of Tübingen.

    Expert in machine learning.

    Strategic Advisory Board Members

    Ralf Allrutz Business Advisor

    Dr. Ralf Allrutz

    Business Advisor

    Co-founder and former member of the Advisory Board of science + computing AG, Tübingen.

    Reinhard Hamburger Business Advisor

    Reinhard Hamburger

    Business Advisor

    Former Head of Agilent Technologies Deutschland GmbH and founder of Reinhard Hamburger Business Coaching, Wildberg.

  • Careers

    We are constantly looking for bright people with bioinformatics experience to join the Computomics team in marketing, sales, and bioinformatics analysis roles. Are you interested in joining our team? Please drop us a line!

  • Contact

    Tübingen, Germany

    Computomics is based in the university town of Tübingen, situated in the Southwest of Germany, but serves clients all over the world. We also have offices in Davis, California and Madison, Wisconsin.

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