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Pixelated DNA - We help you uncover hidden genomic variations.


Uncover hidden genomic variations.

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Intuitively inspect and visualize pangenomes

Demo of Pantograph, the Interactive Pangenome Browser
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Pantograph named SeedWorld Top Innovative Product of 2023

Pantograph, our interactive and scalable visualization tool, gives you unprecedented access to your pangenomes. Intuitively inspect large-scale variation between complete genomes in whole chromosome views, or dive deep to single nucleotide level variation. Pantograph shows meta data of the genomes, such as phenotype information alongside the genetic variation, thus allowing you to sort genomes by meta data or by genetic variants. Moreover, Pantograph lets you visualize and compare gene annotations from multiple genomes altogether.



  • Simultaneously view small and large-scale genetic variation
  • Explore genotype-to-phenotype associations
  • Compare whole genomes, gene annotations, phenotypic traits, read mappings to genome graphs, and more
  • Visually explore marker-trait associations
  • Share views without exchanging data

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Gain novel insights from pangenomes

A pangenome is a collection of sequences from individuals typically from the same species. Pangenome analyses fuel gene and marker discovery, can guide gene editing, and help charting the full genetic diversity of a species, including copy number and large-scale genetic variation.

Relying on a single reference genome for a species does not capture the full extent of genetic diversity present in populations. Pangenomes offer a revolutionary alternative by providing a more comprehensive and accurate representation of genetic variation and homology, thereby enhancing the discovery of links between genetics and traits, which will improve our understanding of the genetic basis of traits.

Pangenomes help unlock new genetic and evolutionary insights, and pave the way for groundbreaking discoveries.


  • Capture the full genetic diversity of a species
  • Reveal previously hidden variation and their association with traits
  • Reduce reference bias in genomic analysis
  • Increase accuracy of variant calling and genotyping
  • All information about a population/species in a single, compressed data structure

Please find below details to each solution - from Graph Genotyping to visualizing genetic variations with Pantograph, our Interactive Pangenome Browser.

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Graph Genotyping: leveraging the power of pangenome graphs

Graph genotyping for pangenomes holds promise for various applications, including population genetics, disease association studies, crop breeding, and understanding complex phenotypes. We can build genome graphs from one or many of these data sources: long read data, assembled contigs or whole genomes, or databases of (structural) variation from your species to further increase the accuracy of variant calling. This allows you to discover novel markers (including structural variations - SVs), even for short read or low-coverage data, and it reduces or even eliminates reference bias in calling variants. On top of that you gain access to variation in non-reference genome space.

By leveraging the power of pangenome graphs gain deeper insights into the genetic diversity of populations and improve the accuracy of variant detection. Ultimately, achieve more effective precision breeding and genetic research.




  • Rich resource for marker development (“beyond SNPs”)
  • Access non-reference and nested variation
  • Less/no bias towards variation present in the reference genome 
  • Increased accuracy of variant calling and genotyping with a pangenome graph
  • Genotype SVs from low coverage sequencing data


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