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Pixelated cell - Investigate the genetic potential of complex microbiomes.


Interactive web platform facilitates the taxonomic and functional exploration of microbiomes.

Free demo access to MORPHEUS

MORPHEUS interactive Web Platform stands for automated and reproducible metagenome analysis and comparison supporting 16S rRNA, ITS and WGS approaches. Use it to perform all steps from data preprocessing, including quality control, towards taxonomic and functional diversity estimation. If you wish, we can plan your entire experiment together with you and provide guidance during experimental design, metagenomics sequencing, data analysis and interpretation.

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Customized Project Solutions

Early-stage communication with our in-house experts enable individual solutions and support at any stage. The flexible framework ensures compatibility with third-party systems.

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Secure & Local Data Handling

Local object storage solution and the use of undisclosed user credentials ensure highest data privacy. 

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Reproducible & Automated Workflows

Accurate database comparisons and transparency due to automatic parameter optimization and version control of pipeline runs.

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Quality Control & Assurance

Highest QC standards in regard to data type, source technology, and contaminant filters guarantee high-purity raw sequencing processing.

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Accurate & Comprehensive Annotations

Taxonomic classification of 16S rRNA, ITS or WGS data using our award-winning weighted Lowest Common Ancestor (LCA) algorithm. Up-to-date KEGG annotations facilitate the functional reconstruction of biochemical pathways.

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Interactive Web Visualization

The intuitive analysis report lets you explore the taxonomic and functional complexity of your data set on all levels online. All generated data are compatible with MEGAN6 for local exploration.

Easy-to-Use Metagenomics Analysis Platform

Explore Complex Metagenomes

MORPHEUS automated and standardized pipeline processes amplicon sequencing (16S rRNA / ITS) and whole genome shotgun sequencing (WGS) data and, finally, displays the taxonomic and functional Diversity and correlations as interactive stacked bar charts, Whisker Plots, PCoAs or heatmaps.

Enjoy Highest Flexibility

Irrespective of your skills and data, our product picks you up anyway. The user-friendly interface guides you through all steps. Short read sequences generated by Illumina, 454, IonTorrent (Single-end, Paired-end), or long reads from e.g. PacBio or ONT - all kinds of data can be analyzed. You like to set your own parameters? Try the Expert Mode.

Benefit From State-of-the Art Pipelines

Depending on the source type - 16S rRNA/ITS or WGS - your data will be analyzed on high-performance servers either by our DADA2 pipeline or DIAMOND+MEGAN Pipeline implementation. The latter approach makes use of the ultrafast DARPA-challenge winning aligner up to 10,000x faster than BLAST. 

Compare and Manage Samples

Load your metadata to color, sort and cluster your samples. Alternatively, manage the samples of your dataset or compare these with other datasets using the Subset and Combine App. 

Share Your Data

You are working in a collaborative project and like sharing your data? Interactive Web Visualization is the best solution to dive into metagenomics complexity together, from any location and device.  Alternatively, make use of our File Transfer Options. 

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