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Pixelated cell - We investigate the genetic potential of complex microbiomes.


Investigate the genetic potential of complex microbiomes.

Get Actionable Insights from Complex Microbiomes

Superior genomics and bioinformatics approaches facilitate the understanding of highly complex microbial environments. Computomics provides Metagenomics Data Analysis Solutions for bacterial, archaeal, fungal and viral community profiling that enable you to simultaneously identify thousand of species, millions of genes, and diverse biochemical pathways relevant to agriculture, medicine, and the environment. We deliver deep, actionable metagenomics insights through an easy-to-understand interface. If you wish, we support you through all stages of your research project - from experimental design to data collection, sequencing, analysis, to a written results report.

The scope of our solutions:

Please find below details to each solution - from MEGAN to MORPHEUS to Computomics' support and service for all stages of your research project.

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Analyze Complex Microbiomes Through An Easy-to-Use Interface

Our MORPHEUS Metagenomics Comparison and Analysis Platform enables you to perform automated and reproducible microbiome analyses without the need for local computing infrastructure. Your metagenomics team can focus on data analysis and interpretation instead of data handling and processing. MORPHEUS takes care of the preprocessing required for MEGAN6.


More about MORPHEUS

  • Visualize – Immediate results and visualization of taxonomy and function in your browser (even on a tablet or phone)
  • Compare – Fully compare datasets with each other, easily add new results any time when they become available
  • Protect – Easy-to-use, secure web interface
  • Export – No data preprocessing, fully compatible with MEGAN6
  • Scale – Scalable platform, open for third-party analysis technologies
MORPHEUS screenshot: co-occurrence of data

Listen to the Computomics Podcast with Oliver to get more insights on MORPHEUS

Explore Microbiomes From Your Laptop

MEGAN is the world’s first and leading software for interactive metagenomics data analysis. It is cited in over 4,000 scientific publications. Our MEGAN6 Ultimate Edition Metagenomics Analysis Software allows visual and quantitative exploration of microbiomes on a desktop computer. Your data is simultaneously annotated for taxonomic and functional composition to a wide range of databases. MEGAN6 Ultimate Editions contains many features not included in the MEGAN6 Community Edition.


MEGAN6 Ultimate Edition

Features of our MEGAN6 Ultimate Edition (MEGAN6 UE) Metagenomics Analysis Software include:

  • DIAMOND Integration – Enables unprecedented speed: up to 10,000 times faster than BLASTX
  • On-Board Databases – Includes KEGG biochemical pathways and other databases for functional annotation
  • Scripting Functionality – Allows you to create fully automated, repeatable analyses and plots
  • Unique Plotting Functions – Creates interpretable results across all of your metagenomics samples

Free trial of MEGAN6 UE

MEGAN6 - interactive metagenomics data analysis

Let Our Experts Guide Your Metagenomics Project

Computomics offers personalized support and service for all stages of your research project – from experimental design to data collection, analysis and a written report. We take the time to develop a profound understanding of your research goals before we help plan an experiment. This enables us to give valid experimental recommendations on the front end, such as number of required samples, technical and biological replicates, sequencing technology and required depth of coverage.


On the back end, we perform bioinformatics and statistical analysis, applying innovative machine learning methods where applicable. The final project report includes powerful visualizations, a full methods section and a summary of key findings. Our experts not only help to design experiments and to visualize data, but also to deliver insightful, actionable results.


Choosing us as a partner means


  • Comprehensive assistance - We support you from experimental design and sampling (incl. sequencing) to metagenomics data interpretation
  • Data security - Confidential data handling on our secure, local servers
  • Fast results - Rapid data processing and interactive data exploration
  • Expert support - Extensive customer support by our knowledgeable in-house team
  • Customization - Receive personalized data analyses according your needs
  • Flexibility - Add packages - e.g. for Amplicon sequencing, adjusting parameters for more flexible data analysis, requesting highest sequencing depth, receiving optimal service support and training, or opting for long-term data storage
  • Savings - Benefit from our multi-project agreements!

We'll be happy to support you!

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Get actionable insights from complex microbiomes

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