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Climate-Smart Breeding

Fast, adaptive breeding solutions.

Computomics helps breeders navigate complex challenges with unique insights and clear direction for fast, adaptive breeding solutions.


We are committed to a journey towards smart, sustainable agriculture, with the seed as the starting point. Our unique climate-smart breeding technology supports breeders to answer some of global agriculture’s most pressing problems – increasing the variety, quality, resilience and adaptability of future crops.

We help you to

  • Advance genetic variability to deliver crops that succeed in specific environments and climate situations
  • Adapt crops to minimize production resources and maximize disease resistance and yield
  • Breed new varieties of crops with increased nutritional value and health benefits.

BreedScope: Fast Insights Into Your Breeding Program

Gain a deep understanding of your breeding pipeline. We offer three distinct analyses to answer your most pressing questions, providing valuable insights for decision-making. Whether you'd like a better understanding of your germ plasm's diversity, each trait's performance, or the environmental influence on traits in specific environments, a BreedScope analysis is the perfect way to make informed decisions - fast.



  • Rapid results
  • Value-priced analysis
  • Environmental, Traits, or Genomics Analysis
  • Scalable
  • Actionable insights


Discover the Future of Plant Breeding

At Computomics, we understand the challenges encountered by plant breeders. New crop varieties have to be produced faster, cost-efficiently, and under rapidly changing climate conditions. In response to these challenges, our cutting-edge machine learning-based technology, SeedScore®, is here to empower you like never before. It's an invaluable addition to your plant breeder's toolbox.

Our tailored technical support and consulting services are designed to cater to your unique plant breeding program's needs, putting you on the path to a new commercial product. Let us support you in making more (and better) data-driven decisions on the path to creating your future signature genetics.


  • Gain unbiased insight into where and why crops perform well
  • Unlock sleeping potential that is unveiled by SeedScore®
  • Predict the best performers, both for today and future climates
  • Identify 10x more outstanding candidates for your commercial pipeline
  • Reduce time to market by 2-6 years


Success Story

Predict virtual hybrids from a male and female double-haploid population and predict hybrid phenotypes that exceed their parents and testers

Success Story

Multi-trait optimization in malting barley for specific climates

Success Story

Advancing rice breeding by predicting actual phenotypic values in specific environments

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