Explore complex communities.


Investigate the genetic repertoire of complex microbial communities and individual cultures. We identify species, genes, and pathways simultaneously. Derive value from the results we obtain: Insightful, interpretable visualizations.

With the help of our metagenomics analysis tool MEGAN6 Ultimate Edition, you can investigate differences between individual organisms, communities and entire microbiomes.


  • Simultaneous visualization: Identify species, genes, transcripts, and metabolic networks simultaneously, also in MEGAN6 Ultimate Edition.
  • Fast and specific: Only a few days from analysis of raw data of 1.8 billion reads to visualized results.
  • Explore complex communities: Investigate complex microbial communities without the need for time-consuming culturing.
  • Correlate traits to gene expression data: Identify traits linked to large structural variants and correlate then with gene expression data.

Client project: De novo assembly of two indica elite rice lines

We performed a de novo assembly of two indica elite rice lines using Illumina and PacBio data.
We constructed a genetic map using 2000 F2 individuals to build pseudochromosome level assemblies
with >95% of the scaffolds in chromosomes and >99% gene space covered.

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