Explore complex communities.


Investigate the genetic repertoire of complex microbiomes:

“Who is out there?”,

“What are they doing?”

“How do they compare?”

Metagenomics data are both enormous and inherently have a low signal-to-noise ratio. They contain DNA fragments representing thousands of species and millions of genes. Extracting useful biological information from datasets of this size represent significant computational challenges, which we can help you overcome. We identify species, genes, and biochemical pathways simultaneously. We deliver actionable results: insightful and interpretable.

We offer three metagenomics solutions: MORPHEUS, our comparison and analysis platform, MEGAN, our interactive analysis software, as well as custom projects.

Get a first impression of MORPHEUS and MEGAN6 here.


The Metagenomics Comparison and Analysis Platform MORPHEUS enables users to perform automated and reproducible microbiome analyses without the need for local compute infrastructure. Users can focus on data analysis and data interpretation instead of data handling and processing. MORPHEUS takes care of the preprocessing required for MEGAN6.

  • Immediate results and visualization of taxonomy and function in your browser (even on a tablet or phone)
  • Fully compare datasets with each other, easily add new results any time when they become available
  • No data preprocessing required and full compatibility with MEGAN6
  • Easy to use, secure web interface, scalable platform and open for third-party analysis technologies

MEGAN6 Ultimate Edition

Our metagenomics analysis software MEGAN6 Ultimate Edition allows visual and quantitative exploration of microbiomes on a desktop computer. Your data is simultaneously annotated for taxonomic and functional composition to a wide range of databases.

  • The world’s only software that allows interactive metagenomics data analysis
  • DIAMOND integration enables unprecedented speed: 300,000 times faster than BLASTX at similar sensitivity
  • KEGG biochemical pathways and other databases for functional annotation included
  • Scripting functionality allows you to create fully automated, repeatable analyses and plots
  • Unique plotting functions for interpretable results across all of your metagenomics samples

Client project: comparison of dozens of microbial samples

We compared dozens of microbial samples, considering gene content, metabolic pathways, and taxonomy. The speed of our award-winning alignment tool allowed annotations using multiple reference databases. We delivered results in several formats to ensure future accessibility and immediate utility.

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