Cutting edge methods of epigenome profiling.


Make the most out of your crop with Computomics epigenomics analyses. We use bisulfite whole-genome, PacBio 5-mC, enrichment sequencing and ChIP-Seq to identify differentially methylated regions and histone modifications.
MethylScore, our proprietary pipeline, performs reliable calls of differentially methylated regions specifically for plants. Accounting for all three sequence contexts (CHG, CG and CHH).

High statistical power is harnessed by the intuitive, unbiased approach of MethylScore. Compare results across genotypes down to individual loci with our Epigenetics Visualization and correlate differential methylation with gene expression.


  • Define breeding strategies: Easily define plant breeding strategies with cutting edge methods of epigenome profiling.
  • Identify new markers: Develop non-genetic markers and explore novel epialleles modulating traits.
  • Identify gene expression regulators: Quickly identify regulators of gene expression and detect loci of adaptive stress responses.

Client project: MethylScore accurately identified discrete DNA methylation differences

MethylScore accurately identified discrete DNA methylation differences of short-term heritability in response to hyperosmotic stress that were associated with transcriptional and phenotypic changes. These acquired adaptations were sensitively found in non-CG contexts only.

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Computomics is based in the university town of Tübingen, situated in the Southwest of Germany, from where we serve clients all over the world.

We also have a presence in Madison, Wisconsin and in the Washington, DC area.

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