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Podcast S5E6: How Academia and Industry are Working Together to Fight Plant Disease

How Academia and Industry are Working Together to Fight Plant Disease


In this episode Helen Brabham, Team Lead at 2Blades, provides a glimpse into the diverse projects of 2Blades. As a nonprofit organization 2Blades is bridging academia and industry, focusing on advancing scientific technologies for disease-resistant crops. Explore how they translate research into practical solutions for smallholder farmers, such as their Africa Soybean Program combating soybean rust. Delve into the NLRseek initiative, aimed at identifying crucial resistance genes to bolster crop resilience against threats like stem rust. Discover their utilization of gene sequences, harnessing machine learning and protein modeling to enhance predictions.

2Blades Homepage
2Blades and Computomics joint project


Helen is a Team Leader at 2Blades, a non-profit organisation dedicated to delivering sustainable and environmentally-friendly genetic solutions to protect crops from plant pests and disease. Helen is based with the 2Blades research team embedded at The Sainsbury Laboratory in Norwich, UK and develops a platform for rapidly identifying resistance genes from plants. Helen completed her PhD at The Sainsbury Laboratory part of the University of East Anglia in 2020, and her BSc in Biology from the University of Bristol. Helen’s research focuses on understanding plant-microbe interactions to build disease resistant crops.


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