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Podcast Season 5 Episode 1: "Better Barley" - Reducing greenhouse gas emissions and supporting farmers

"Better Barley": Reducing greenhouse gas emissions and supporting farmers



In this episode, we continue our conversation about barley with Matthias Nachtmann, Sustainability Business Development Lead at BASF. Matthias gives us insights into the "Better Barley" project, which has the goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in barley cultivation while supporting farmers to meet the high protein standards for malting barley.

Learn how companies can work with farmers to overcome the challenges of balancing sustainability and productivity. By developing new barley varieties that are both high-yielding and sustainable, the project is helping to ensure that the food industry can continue to produce food in a way that is both environmentally friendly and profitable.

Matthias explains their 3-step approach to the project:

   • What do you want?

   • What will the first hectare look like?

   • How is the scale-up plan?


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