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Podcast Season 4 Episode 2: Computomics 10-Year Anniversary

Computomics 10-Year Anniversary


The October episode is a special one as we are celebrating 10 years of Computomics! We give a retrospect of Computomics through plants. Get to know 10 different plants Computomics has worked on. The plants range from rather well known ones like rice, soy, corn and banana up to rather unusual ones like the mamala tree which is native to various tropical islands. You will hear some fun facts about the plants before receiving some insights on the challenges and questions Computomics addressed. In the last 10 years Computomics performed genome assemblies, genome annotations, methylation patterns, predictive plant breeding and much more.

Dr. Sebastian J. Schultheiss, Managing Director of Computomics, founded Computomics together with a very experienced board of scientific advisors from ETH Zurich, Max Planck Institute for Developmental Biology and the University of Tübingen. Sebastian studied Bioinformatics at University of Michigan and Tübingen. He worked on Machine Learning research and its application to biological data for his PhD degree at the Max Planck Institute for Developental Biology and FML. He brings startup experience, boinformatics skills and machine learning expertise to Computomics, which brings superior prediction accuracy and unprecedented integration of phenotyping, genotyping, management and environmental data to agriculture, enabling its clients to produce stable, value-added crops.


Links to MethylScore:
- MethylScore
- MethylScore, a pipeline for accurate and context-aware identification of differentially methylated regions from population-scale plant whole-genome bisulfite sequencing data

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