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Podcast Season 4 Episode 1: From farmer to consumer - sustainable agricultural production

From farmer to consumer - sustainable agricultural production


In this episode, listen to Anne Buchwalder, an experienced plant breeder for different crops ranging from pea, cantaloupe, sweet and hot pepper to cocoa. Anne shares her view on sustainable agricultural production, what it implies for the consumer but also the impact on the producing country. Learn about the value chain from farmer to customer. The second part of this episode covers the role technology plays for plant breeding and how it can help plant breeders breed forward. Technology has improved over the last 25 years and plant breeders have many more tools in their  toolbox available today.

After her graduation in agronomy, Anne started her career as commercial plant breeder. During 13 years she had been in charge of several vegetable breeding programs for different seed companies: processing pea, cantaloup sweet and hot pepper, in Europe and Middle East. In 2010 Anne joined Nestlé group to support the Global sustainable sourcing of cocoa beans - Nestlé Cocoa Plan. In 2018 she became the head of a research institute center specialized in perfume and medicinal plants. Since the pandemic Anne started a freelance consultancy activity. Today she is helping companies in the horticultural sector to structure their R&D teams and to broaden their expertise to achieve their goals to support more sustainable practices and resilient cropping systems.

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