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Podcast Season 3 Episode 7: What does hockey have in common with corn breeding?

What does hockey have in common with corn breeding?



In this episode we talk to Tom Koch, research manager at Beck’s Hybrids. Tom talks about the challenges of a mid-size breeding company and gives insights into how technology helps Beck’s stay ahead of competition. Find out what else is important in corn breeding, and the role data plays particularly for phenotyping. 

Tom Koch is the Research Manager for Beck’s, the largest family-owned retail seed company and third largest seed brand in the United States. With a Ph.D. in plant breeding and plant genetics, Tom has over 15 years of industry breeding experience. He oversees all activities for testing, breeding, trait conversion, and foundation seed in his current role. Established in 1937, Beck’s is one of the fastest-growing ag companies with customers across the Midwest and Mid-South.

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