Computomics Opinion on Exceeding in Breeding Programs

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An opinion by Dr. Anna Sowa, Scientific Consultant at Computomics

Have well-intentioned people destroyed the term “genomic selection”?

“We know all about genomic selection, and we are tired of it... it’s oversold and it under-delivers.” This is the undertone to so many of my conversations these days.

What has been pitched as genomic selection is, in fact, a general solution without true statistical expertise and support. Any service which sets you up for mistakes and leaves you alone with a pretty interface won’t get you anywhere.

True genomic selection should harness and exploit the full genetic potential of your population. It should produce results that get you to commercial lines faster and more accurately. In the right hands, it can predict the top 1% of your crosses at 80% accuracy, saving you insane amounts of time. It should allow you to pick the top general combiners and change your whole program. It should skyrocket your chance to find new commercial lines. It shouldn’t be a black box and it should be optimized to your specific breeding scheme.

At Computomics, we know that breeders have seen their fair share of disappointment in the field, and we still believe that if they are looking for a true partner, we will be there to xSeed their expectations.


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