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The cannabis industry has changed dramatically over the last 50 years. The immense changes are a response not only to the legal ramifications of use, but also the accepted medicinal purposes, and the increase in funded research.

Computomics was founded with the concept of helping breeders and growers of any crop make data-driven decisions. This is especially timely for Cannabis. As legalization spreads, it brings with it both the benefits and burdens of being a regulated crop. The pressure to stay ahead increases proportionally to the opportunities. As Cannabis and Hemp establish themselves in the agricultural landscape, genetics, causal gene identification, and pathway analysis will start to gain traction in the minds of breeders.

Computomics is proud to be a member of the German-Canadian network CANNABIS-NET. CANNABIS-NET is a unique association of German companies lead by University of Hohenheim that meet the challenges of the medicinal cannabis market with their products and services in an innovative way. In addition, Canadian companies enrich the network with their many years of expertise in medicinal cannabis and enable a valuable exchange.

Computomics guides breeders on the journey of genetic discovery and genetic-led breeding.

Here is how that can look for you:


Organize all of your data and prepare for the incorporation of genetic information. The first step in any successful genetics-guided breeding program is the underlying information. Genotyping and phenotypic standards, data storage, and analysis pipelines need to be established before data collection begins. If there is historical data, it needs to be incorporated into subsequent pipelines so it doesn’t get lost. This step is integral and will ensure success down the line.

Assemble your genomes and annotate gene functions. Genome assembly is the process of mapping all of the genetic code of a plant and generating a reference against which other strains can be measured. The annotation subsequent to genome assembly will guide gene-trait associations for traits such as yield, flowering time, pest resistance, and cannabinoid expression. A well-annotated genome will not only highlight the differences between all strains but will also help form a clearer path forward to genetics-assisted breeding.

Understand germ plasm diversity, haplotypes, and authenticate your strains. It is essential to understand the full genetic diversity of your lines. Although the qualities (or phenotypes) of these varieties are probably well known to each breeder, the full genetic correlations of these lines to each other is not yet clear. Using sequencing technologies it is becoming easier and easier to not only authenticate your varieties but also map out their full diversity. Computomics is independent of sequencing technologies but can help navigate you to the best platform for your needs. We also integrate data from multiple providers if needed.

Fully automated phenotyping platform without moving parts with CropScore. In order to leverage the full potential of genetic information, simultaneous phenotyping of hundred-thousands of plants is possible with our hands-free easy to access CropScore platform. Accurately phenotyping and capturing traits of your plants can be a challenge and new methods and technologies have made it easier than ever to image experimental plants. CropScore provides easy to install cameras which produce analyzable, repeatable real-time results with a central web service for managing all experiments, gathering images, analyzing data, and storing results. Our systems can be set up for greenhouses or growth rooms of any dimension and size.

Turbo-Charge Your Breeding. With the knowledge of existing germ plasm diversity in your lines and a reference to measure it against, breeding can take on a whole new image. Since molecular guided breeding still new, many simple gene-trait associations are still left to be discovered and capitalized on. Once simple 1:1 associations are exhausted, Computomics’ algorithms are unique in their ability to find more complex interactions. Computomics xSeedScore technology identifies the interplay of not only the plant’s genes with each other, but also of genes with the environment and growing conditions. Our xSeedScore platform integrates data from more than 16 sources to help uncover even low-level and multi-variate pathways to guide you in creating the best and most unique cultivar.

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