Collaboration Agreement between Computomics and UBATEC S.A.

Collaboration agreement between the Platform of Genomics and Improvement (PGM) of the University of Buenos Aires (UBA), located in the Faculty of Agronomy (FAUBA) and the company Computomics.

On December 2, PGM and Computomics signed a collaboration agreement to complement their respective professional and technical services in the areas of performance prediction for plant breeders, genomics, assisted improvement for molecular markers, high throughout sequencing, genotypic selection, genotyping and metagenomics.

Present were Mr. Carlos Salvador (representative of Computomics in Argentina), Mrs. Ruth Mayes (Global Director Business Strategy of Computomics), Dr. Lorenzo Basso (President of UBATEC SA), Mr. Eduardo Avelleira (General Manager of UBATEC SA), Dr. Eduardo Pagano (Director of the PGM-FAUBA Laboratory) and Dr. Miguel Rapela (Director of Technological Bonding – UBATEC SA).

This complementation of services between PGM and Computomics is a new step to make available to Argentine companies dedicated to plant and animal breedingthe best and most modern technologies available. 

About Computomics
Computomics was founded in 2012 so customers can reap the benefits of their proprietary machine learning algorithms. By applying AI to genetics, phenotype, microbiome, and environmental datasets, Computomics analysts unlock the diversity of biological life. Computomics is a team of world-leading experts in machine learning, plant research and bioinformatics.
In over 130 projects, they enabled customers to make data-driven decisions and thereby accelerate sustainable agricultural development that can feed the world. Computomics advanced machine learning methods enable rapid understanding of genomic data for plant breeding, agricultural, biotech, and microbiome researchers. Computomics is headquartered in Tübingen, Germany.

UBATEC S.A., founded in 1991, is an organization formed by the University of Buenos Aires, the City Government, the Argentine Industrial Union and the General Confederation of Industry. It acts as a go between the scientific community and the private sector. It promotes and fosters the technology transfer.

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