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Computomics: A Green Commitment

Computomics is committed to a journey towards a sustainable future.

Sustainability is no longer about doing less harm. It's about doing more good.
Jochen Zeitz

Our greatest asset is our unique plant breeding technology that supports plant breeders in answering some of global agriculture’s most pressing problems. We are proud to have developed an AI technology enabling breeders to develop crop varieties for specific climates and changing environments. Simply put, it's the machine learning technology behind all future crops.  

Learn more about xSeedScore, the machine learning technology for future-proof plant breeding.

As a company, we are on a carbon-neutral journey. The Greenhouse Gas tool of the European Innovation Council gives us a science-based understanding of our carbon footprint and helps us find mitigation measures and solutions that work best for our business. We are happy to announce this milestone: "CO2 Footprint".



Join us in our journey to a greener future!

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