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GPZ 2020: Linking Environment and Genetics

How can we predict the influence of the environment on crops? How can we improve their stability in extreme conditions, like drought? That was one of the most important questions researchers addressed at this years' International Symposium of the German Society for Plant Breeding (GPZ).

Attendees agreed that current and upcoming challenges in plant breeding can only be addressed if we include a multitude of plant traits in breeding predictions.
More powerful prediction tools are needed that quickly deliver precise answers on the influence of environment, location, management and genotype for the selection of highest performing plants.

We want to thank all the visitors at our poster on “The power of big data integration on phenotype predictions”. We discussed these new trends and opportunities with us.

If you didn't have the chance to stop by our poster you can have a look at it below. We are happy to answer all your questions, just drop us an email:

We also thank the organizers for such a wonderful meeting and are looking forward to upcoming events!

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