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Meet Computomics at World Intelligent Farming Summit

Computomics at World Intelligent Farming Summit

The 4th World Intelligent Farming Summit will take place on 8-9 June, 2023 in Berlin, Germany. This edition will focus on practical insights for accelerating farming digitalization with the help of intelligent technology, fully autonomous farming, data-driven agriculture, sustainability goals and many other important topics.

Population growth and climate change pose significant challenges to global agriculture. Plant breeders face the task of developing crop varieties that can withstand climate change and meet growing food needs. We need to breed new crop varieties that can cope with climate and environmental change to feed the growing population. Computomics has developed a disruptive machine learning-based technology ⨉SeedScore® that accelerates plant breeding. We are working together with breeders and growers across all crops and breeding programs to develop new crop varieties to secure supply chain continuity, food security and biodiversity. Our technology dramatically improves breeding efficiency and genetic gain. It ensures supply chain continuity as crops can be adapted for multiple countries and climates.

Connect and meet Irina at this conference to learn more about Computomics' technology!

Looking forward to meeting you!

Details of the conference program can be found here.

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