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Meet Computomics at the International Barley Genetics Symposium

Computomics at International Barley Genetics Symposium

Meet Computomics at the 13th International Barley Genetics Symposium in Riga, Latvia from 3-7 July, 2022!

IBG symposiums have been organized since 1963 and attracted participants from all around the world to discuss progress of their state of the art research. Its 12 sessions will include the recent and most important findings from the hottest topics in various thematic sessions:
•    The barley genome- from reference genome to structure and function;
•    Biotic stresses under climate change;
•    Abiotic stresses under climate change;
•    Barley breeding and NBTs: a way forward; barley breeding: success stories;
•    Genetics and breeding of biomass (Resources use efficiency);
•    Barley end use: food, feed, and novel products;
•    Barley end use: malting and brewing;
•    Genetic and database resources: harnessing diversity;
•    Morphology, phenology, and development;
•    Baltic and Nordic barley: a regional perspective.

IBGS13 symposium will be organized by Institute of Agricultural Resources and Economics (AREI). AREI is the leading crop breeding institute in Latvia.

Computomics is a highly innovative bioinformatics company. We work together with breeders and growers to develop new crop varieties by applying our machine learning-based technology xSeedScore® to predict performance. The cultivation of malting barley is strongly challenged by changing climate conditions, and a need has emerged for cultivars that deliver stable yield in multiple environments while maintaining excellent quality for malting. Get to know how Computomics helps to breed barley varieties by applying advanced breeding predictions that leverage all available data on genotypes, phenotypes (yield + malting quality), environments and climates by reading our success story for barley here.

Don't miss this opportunity to connect with us in person! Pádraig O'Scánnlain will be onsite to discuss your barley breeding challenges. Understand how our disruptive machine learning technology can help move your program way beyond current limitations.

Schedule your 1:1 appointment with Pádraig today.

Details of the conference can be found here.


Image by Belinda Fewings on Unsplash

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