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Computomics presents at the 8th Plant Genomics & Gene Editing Congress - Replay Available

Computomics is excited to present at the 8th Plant Genomics & Gene Editing Congress which will be taking place virtually on March 3 - 4, 2021.

The Plant Genomics and Gene Editing Congress is co-located with the 5th Partnerships in Biocontrol & Biostimulants Congress and the Microbiome for Agriculture Congress.

The 3 congresses will be running as 3 tracks simultaneously:
· Plant Genomics and Gene Editing Congress
· Partnerships in Biocontrol & Biostimulants Congress
· Microbiome for Agriculture Congress

Computomics will be presenting in the Plant Genomics and Microbiome track.

Wednesday Mach 3, 10:05 - 10:20 EST
Track: Microbiome for Agriculture
Title: Successful metagenomics data management and analysis with MORPHEUS and MEGAN6 UE presented by Dr. Oliver Deusch
Abstract: Metagenomics has become an active field of research in many different industries and therefore data storage, processing and analysis remain challenging. Successful data management and analysis are key to harness the full power of metagenomics and to gain useful insights. At Computomics, we developed a set of easy-to-use metagenomics data analysis solutions. Our scalable platform starts with completely automated analysis of raw sequence data and delivers results interactively. There is no need for local computing infrastructure, enabling users to focus on data analysis and data interpretation instead of data handling and processing. I will introduce our analysis platform, MORPHEUS, our interactive analysis software MEGAN6 Ultimate Edition and our custom analysis services, and explain how they can be combined into one end-to-end solution.
Link to Replay

Thursday March 4, 12:50-13:05 EST
Track: Plant Genomics and Gene Editing
Title: Applying Machine Learning to Predictive Plant Breeding presented by Ruth Mayes
Abstract: Advanced machine learning technology provides the ability to exploit all of the genetic potential within any breeding program increasing genetic gain faster each cycle whilst maintaining genetic diversity. Explore the performance of millions of offspring virtually and select only the high performers to maximise field plot space. Additionally, as machine learning models non additive effects by identifying each marker and combination of marker contributions, it provides the ability to improve and optimise polygenic traits. This unique model is able to incorporate multiple data sources. It provides the ability to predict varieties and hybrids for specific location and climates.
Link to Replay

Plant Genomics & Gene Editing
This Congress will explore novel strategies and developments in plant genomics and gene editing through a series of case studies and an examination of the latest scientific research.

Biocontrol & Biostimulants
Case studies across the two days will focus on new research into identifying and developing agricultural biopesticides and biostimulants. As sustainability in agriculture becomes increasingly important, presentations will discuss the discovery of novel agricultural biologics to enhance crop productivity and yield, soil health and plant nutrient uptake.

Microbiome for Agriculture
The meeting will examine the symbiotic relationships between microbes and plants through case studies in plant and soil microbiomes and will explore research into harnessing the plant microbiome to sustainably improve plant performance.

Alongside over 7 hours of dedicated networking time, extended roundtables sessions on key topics and a panel discussion the conference will provide a forum to connect with the speakers and your peers, debate key issues and offer an exceptional opportunity to interact and learn.

The full agenda is available here

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