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Meet Computomics at International Cannabis Business Conference (ICBC) in Berlin

Computomics at ICBC from 29-30 June 2023

ICBC Berlin is Europe’s longest running and biggest B2B trade show and conference. Europe’s premiere cannabis business networking environment, the event attracts 350+ sponsors and exhibitors and 5000+ attendees from 80+ countries. What could take years to accomplish in a normal working environment can be achieved in just two days at ICBC Berlin.

At Computomics we work with breeders and growers across all crops and breeding programs to develop new varieties by applying our machine learning-based technology xSeedScore® to predict performance. The technology can optimize a multitude of cannabis traits which include flower formation, disease resistance, flowering time and more complex traits such as chemotypes.

If you would like to learn more on how to apply our machine learning technology to your cannabis or hemp breeding program then connect with us and meet us at ICBC!

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Ruth Mayes,
Director Global Business Strategy

The details of the conference are here.

Did you know that Computomics is a member of the German-Canadian network CANNABIS-NET? CANNABIS-NET is a unique association of German companies lead by University of Hohenheim that meet the challenges of the medicinal cannabis market with their products and services in an innovative way.

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