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Computomics is attending the ASM Microbe in Houston, Texas on June 15-19, 2023

Computomics is excited to attend the ASM Microbe 2023!

ASM Microbe is the flagship annual meeting of the American Society for Microbiology. It is the largest microbial sciences gathering in the world and will be held in Houston, Texas from 15-19 June, 2023.

ASM Microbe 2023 will cover:

  • Disaster Microbiology
  • Emerging Infections – What is the Next pandemic?
  • Natural Product Discovery and Synthesis
  • The Next Generation Antifungal Agents: Clinical Application and Resistance
  • Combating the Climate Crisis with Critters: Microbial Carbon Capture
  • Powering the Future: Applied Microbiology in the Energy Industry
  • Microbiome Management in a Changing World
  • and much more

Computomics provides Metagenomics Data Analysis Solutions for bacterial, archaeal, fungal and viral community profiling that enable you to simultaneously identify thousand of species, millions of genes, and diverse biochemical pathways relevant to agriculture, medicine, and the environment. We deliver comprehensive, actionable metagenomics insights through an easy-to-understand interface. From experimental design to data collection, sequencing, analysis, to a written results report - we support you through all stages of your research project.

Join us at ASM Microbe and grab this opportunity to meet Sascha Patz, our expert for tailored metagenomics solutions.

Schedule your 1:1 meeting with Sascha today by picking a day and time here or directly reach out to Sascha at

Sascha Patz, Bioinformatics Software Developer

For more information about Computomics' metagenomics solutions MEGAN6 and MORPHEUS visit our Website.

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