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Computomics is giving a lecture at CIOPORA Breeding Academy

Computomics is giving a lecture at the CIOPORA Breeding Academy.

The CIOPORA Breeding Academy is an education program designed specifically for plant breeders and R&D departments of breeding companies. It provides advanced training in the latest breeding technologies, including New Breeding Techniques (NBT).

On 8 December 2022, Dr. Sebastian J. Schultheiss will talk about "Predictive Breeding: The machine learning technology for future plant varieties".

There will be 2 sessions in order to accommodate all time zones.

Session 1: 8 December, 2022 at 9 AM CET
Session 2: 8 December, 2022 at 6 PM CET


Machine Learning or AI can include dominance, epistasis, and there is no restrictions on the dimensionality of the interactions. It has been successfully applied across many industries and we show how it’s possible to benefit from it in plant breeding with a breeder-centered approach to combine or complement the advantages of machine learning.
Genomic Prediction with its linear mixed models has proven to be a very successful tool for breeding of a variety of crops. The assumptions made by these methods, for instance that the effects of markers or environmental covariates is equal, are a shortcut and not biologically true.
Key topics include the identification of the most useful environmental datasets, the determination of optimal or prediction of future environments, the necessary datasets to get started, and current success cases and studies using machine learning methods.

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