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SeedWorld Webinar with Computomics - Replay

How Can Big Data Teach Plants to Talk - SeedWorld Webinar with Computomics

Hear from experts how to make data work for plant breeders, and in the end, learn to listen to crops.
You missed the SeedWorld Webinar about the power of understanding data?
No problem - watch the webinar replay here!
The SeedWorld Webinar is all about the power of understanding data. Listen to Dr. Sebastian J. Schultheiss, Managing Director of Computomics, talk about how machine learning can answer some hard – or not-even-thought-of – questions for plant breeders.
Dr. Sebastian J. Schultheiss brings startup experience, bioinformatics skills and machine learning expertise to Computomics. By listening to what crops are telling us, Computomics provides superior prediction accuracy and unprecedented integration of phenotyping, genotyping, and environmental data to agriculture. This enables clients to produce stable, value-added crops.
Watch the webinar on SeedWorld or on Youtube now!

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