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REPLAY NOW AVAILABLE! Innovation in Plant Breeding: SeedWorld Webinar on December 15 2020

On December 15 2020, Computomics presented "Innovation in plant breeding: Advanced machine learning for predictive plant breeding" in a free webinar hosted by SeedWorld.

Climate change challenges breeders to deliver new varieties faster and with fewer resources. Machine Learning technologies can integrate environmental factors and model complex traits, speeding up the breeding cycles by delivering improved phenotype predictions.

What you learned:
- why it is important to build a robust data set in plant breeding
- how a good training population looks like
- what the advantages of machine learning technologies over classical statistical methods are
- how you can unleash the superior accuracy of machine learning-based prediction methods in your breeding
- which questions machine learning solves in hybrid, line and clonal breeding programs

The webinar speakers were Ruth Mayes, Director Global Business Strategy and Christian Dreischer, Scientific Project Manager.

If you missed the webinar listen to the recording here or download the presentation.

As we had so many questions we couldn't all answer we recorded a podcast. In this podcast we follow up on the questions we received during our December Webinar. Listen to it on all major podcast listening platforms or directly here.

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