Scientists at Heart.

Our industry-defining methods have been developed by thought leaders in crop science and next-generation sequencing.

Impartial advice.

Our independence from any sequencing platform allows us to give impartial advice for the best possible sequencing strategy.


Each project receives the benefit of up-to-date research knowledge in a software framework that ensures reproducibility.


We have established a collaboration network of field-leading bioinformaticians to provide insight on particularly tough questions.

Secure Data.

We use high-performance servers in a high-security data center with encryption and sophisticated access control mechanisms. 

Advanced NGS Analysis for Crops

Computomics is a team of world-leading experts in plant research and bioinformatics, offering next-generation sequencing (NGS) analyses for agriculture biotech companies and crop scientists. Whether you are concerned with crop improvement, seed production or plant protection, Computomics helps navigate the complexities of grain, vegetable, fruit and other genomes. Our advanced bioinformatics services provide our customers with quality NGS data interpretation from state-of-the-art genomics tools and technologies. Let us help you achieve your research goals. Learn more